ABC Song in Popular Culture

ABC Song

The ABC Song for kids has been around for decades. Growing up as a child, it was deemed necessary to know that song before entering kindergarten. In today’s culture, my children have learned it. My seven year old recites it to put her words for homework, in alphabetical order. This is part of the United States’ popular culture.

The Popularity of the ABC Song

What makes the ABCs such a popular thing to recite in song? The song itself is easy to latch on too. You can smile, shake your head, and just make learning this piece of music so much fun. Another example that most children are familiar with is Sesame Street. This program uses the song often. Adding puppets such as Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster makes these letters come to life in a child’s mind. Television programs like this one use that song to educate preschoolers, before they start kindergarten. Since most stay at home parents sit their kids in front of the TV to keep them occupied, putting on a show that teaches them these critical letters gives them an edge in learning. Because the music is popular, reading becomes popular. Young children are so eager to get knowledge to start with. It is one of the most popular rhymes for kids to sing. With it being in song, they will remember it. There are some adults that have to alphabetize things, and still sing this childhood song.

Who Created the Song

There is no concrete evidence as to who might have invented the ABC ryhme. However, it does share the same music notes as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. There is an older publication of it in 1761, but there is no author. When the song became popular, there were hardly any children going to school. Most of them did not know how to read and write. As the years passed, school became more important. Learning to read and write was critical to the success of our nation, which made the song stand out.

The Concept of Knowing the Alphabet

In order to learn how to read, a child must start off with letters. They can not remember them if they do not stick. Since it is in our nature to recall lyrics to music, learning the alphabet would stick to a child’s memory just like any of the The Lion King music would. Once they learn the song, spelling and reciting the words come next. The next stage is reading. Teachers utilize this educational song in their classrooms. It is all about making learning fun. One day, these same children will grow up to have kids of their own and will use this popular teaching tool to start off their child’s learning. We all know that the alphabet song will never die out. As long as parents are willing to expose their children to education, this music will always be a part of it in  our culture.