ABC Song Remixes


The ABC Song may be mixed up any way that you like, and there are many variations and versions that you may use. The kids are learning the ABCs when they start school very early, and they use the alphabet to learn language in a much deeper way. Songs for kids are quite a lot of fun to sing in class, and the classes will be quite a lot of fun because the kids are singing so loud and learning something that they may not have learned before.

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#1: The Song Is Easy To Sing

The ABC Song is very easy to sing because it is actually based on Twinkle Twinkle. The kids know this song, and they will sing it easily as you let them sing the letters. There are many different kids who will start to adjust the songs and the lyrics to meet their needs. They want to play around with these songs and make them a little bit different, and they want to create something that is all their own. Because the song is so easy to sing, this is quite simple for the kids to do.

#2: What Lyrics Should You Use?

You may use a number of lyrics in this song that you believe are helpful, and you will notice that they are fun to sing because you may begin adding lyrics from popular media. The kids will start to sing along to things that they recognize, and you may make them much more involved in the class because you are singing about what they know.

#3: Changing The Rhythm

One of the most popular things to do to this song is to change the rhythm. You may play around with the rhythm to listen to the kids learn different rhythm, and they will find each new rhythm that you choose funky enough to enjoy. You may take them through every period of music simply to make sure that you have covered all those areas of music, and you may teach them the history behind the periods that you are studying.

#4: Teach The Original

You may teach the original Twinkle Twinkle to the kids because that will help them learn a new side of this song that they did not know before. You will find that they are excited to learn that Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC tune are the some. They may not have known this before, but you may take them through the history of this song because it is so interesting. You may show them that Mozart wrote it, and they will be intrigued to hear what else Mozart wrote.

#5: Use It Every Day

You must use these songs every day because they become a part of your class culture. The culture becomes very interesting, and it is something that you will enjoy feeling every day because the children will sit down expecting to hear something nice coming out your mouth or out of the radio they can sing to.