Alphabet Song Raps

Alphabet Song Raps

Hold on, a “hip-hop” song? That is good for kids? And helps them learn?

What is Different and Beneficial About a Children’s ABC Song that “Raps?”

What is the Hip-Hop Style?

First of all, in the sense of a straight forward definition; rhythmic speech. This type of song can be dark and violent, depending on the lyrics and the music, or, it can be, again, depending on the lyrics and music, a celebration of life; being alive.

It is also a great tool for children to learn their ABC’s.


Everything we do is easier with rhythm. Why? The human mind and body want to make everything a simple subconscious rhythm that uses a minimal amount of energy to conserve the bodies resources. Translation; rhythm, that special flow, makes everything we do easier.

Fun and Energy

Hip-hop music has a certain, particular energy with its focus on the beat. It wants to wake you up, get you involved, and makes you want to dance. Children love to sing with each other and dance together and a positive, fun, energetic hip-hop song that is designed for the child to have fun and be happy is a great learning method.

The primary goals is to have fun while singing. If this “fun” occurs, the learning will come naturally, as a by-product, and be far easier especially with alphabet songs written specifically to teach children the alphabet.

Perhaps an Example or Two:

Alphabet Song Rap

When Children Sing Along Together

Who cares if a child sings badly when the child is singing with others? Who cares if the child forgets the words when singing with other children? How can children singing a song with positive lyrics, lyrics with the ideal of being a good person, together wrong? The only structure is the song, but, it is a children’s song and when it is designed to aid in learning something specific; there seems to be a little bit of magic.

The Black and White Threads That are The Fabric of Society

Hip-hop is black. That is how the vast majority of people view this type of music.

Okay, so how do we make this work for us? All of us?

Face it; black culture is different than white culture. If you want to create, to construct a seamless fabric of society of the black and white
threads; best to start early.

As the cultural influence around us changes, the effects of these changes will be incorporated into our lives. Nursery rhymes are not an exception and, hope you’re ready for this, rap music is here to stay. Perhaps you do not like it, but, you could learn to understand it and use it to your advantage. Perhaps, hip-hop alphabet songs present a great opportunity to create a bridge.

Children sing along, all to a rap song, those nursery rhymes, they’re movin’ with the times…