Bedtime Songs


We’ve all heard songs. Nursery rhyme songs, grown-up songs, religious ones, the works. Music helps us relate to one another, as well as entertain us. Some music isn’t conducive to relaxing, although the majority of these songs are. Songs also help us feel connected to each other as well. Songs can also have a big impact on us when we listen to them at the right time.

Most Common
The most common song at bedtime is called a lullabye, or lullaby. This is typically a nice slow song that helps kids relax and hopefully, go to sleep at bedtime. If anything, they are relaxing, to say the least. Some of these nighttime songs are enough for parents to go to sleep, too! These can be songs kids learn at preschool or regular school. The most common lullabye is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Most of us probably learned it either from family, school or from others as well. Kids are always learning, so that is an advantage.

Why is it so fun to rhyme, for children and adults alike? Perhaps it is the challenge to rhyme with words that sound alike, or maybe it’s the silliness of it all that can make us laugh. Kids learn many things through nursery rhymes as well. All kids learn through repetition too. The song, You Are My Sunshine is a good example of this. This song, in particular, has a chorus that repeats, and that helps build predictability in preschoolers. Nearly all songs have a chorus, rhyming or not.

Every kid loves familiar songs. It doesn’t matter if they are in a strange place, a nighttime song that is familiar to them comforts them. This is secondary to the best comfort there is, their own mom. When mom isn’t there, a familiar song is there to help.

Let’s face it; singing songs is just fun! It’s also great for kids in preschool as well. When you are teaching that age group, it’s hard to remember that they can’t sit still for very long, so songs with movements to get the wiggles out is good. Anything that doesn’t involve sitting down is a good thing. Singing, drawing and other activities for them are fun. Whether you are singing about Farmers in the Dell or getting out wiggles for an action song, it’s a good time for everyone.

As has been emphasized a couple of times at least in this article, music is for everyone. Every culture has their own style of music, and every family will like something different. This also goes for every individual as well. Some people may not like Tejano or Salsa music. Someone might like Classical music. So there is something for everyone.