The Benefits of Sheet Music

Sheet music

At early ages, most kids respond to music and will even make their own sounds with household items. So, it would stand to reason that at an early age we want to be able to teach our kids the beloved, classic children’s songs. One great way to do this is with sheet music for nursery rhymes. Sheet music has its benefits not only in a school setting but in an actual home. There are some beloved classic children’s songs that kids could learn at an early age with the help of sheet music:

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Many of us remember Old MacDonald Had a Farm from when we were growing up. It’s not only educational in teaching kids about various animals but also fun because kids can make the various barn yard sounds. It’s also got a fun and recognizable melody. So, teaching kids this song has great benefits.


This is another great song with educational benefits. In the song, you repeatedly spell out the name Bingo! As the song continues, letters are removed until none remain. So, the song not only teaches about spelling but also about concentration while providing a fun story.

The Wheels on the Bus

In The Wheels on the Bus, kids are instructed to do various things to interact with in the song. One example is: “The Wheels on the Bus go up and down all through the town”. Here, the kids can go up and down to demonstrate this action.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Bingo and The Wheels on the Bus are just three classic kids songs that can be taught using sheet music. There are so many others, such as The Hokey Pokey and London Bridge. The benefits of teaching kids these songs are not only to let them have fun through music but to also teach them things such as fine motor skills, vocabulary and rhythm. So, where does someone find sheet music for great beneficial kids’ songs? Well, one great place to do so is online!