The Benefits of Singing Bingo


The childhood song Bingo has a multitude of benefits. For one, it helps children identify letters and the corresponding sounds that goes with them. The song allows kids to practice their speech because they are repeating the same sounds. They begin to recognize the alphabet and its construction of words. When repeating letters, it brings the sound of the word to your attention, which in turn benefits your speech levels. Bingo has always been a song that was used in education in order to make things like speech and alphabet recognition much simpler and more fun for kids. In education, using words that rhyme benefits children in many different ways. First, it helps them to remember the words, or in the case of Bingo, the letters. The speech benefits are going to be that kids love things that are repetitive, which is why the song goes round and round adding and subtracting the letters of the alphabet which makes education and the alphabet fun. Children are still developing their language and speech skills and this is a song that can be learned quickly and easily.

Bingo is a staple in the education system. We all know the song and we’ve all sang it in some part of our lives. While we discuss the benefits of Bingo, we cannot forget that there are also a few claps in the song, so we can work on rhythm, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and multitasking as well! Songs that focus on the alphabet, like Bingo, really set the stage for an effective learning atmosphere. Get started today with some Bingo sheet music!