Car and Bus Songs

Car and Bus Songs

Road trips can be very boring for kids especially when they have nothing to do. Regardless of your journey, singing together is a good way to pass time and also provides greater learning opportunities for kids. Despite the nature of the song, everyone listening to it will find a way to smile and thus make the journey enjoyable and comfortable. The following are some of the songs for kid for particular seasons

Tires on the car – These car songs are usually generated from car parts such as tires, breaks, steering among others. Tire songs are usually sung with wheels on the bus tune and comes with visual aids to assist kids to play while singing.

Ants go matching – this kind of bus songs promotes counting skills among children mainly due to the repetition rhythm. It is a video song accompanied by its lyrics so as to help the family to learn the song.

Over the mountains – this kind of a song is perfect for a trip in the car and it’s mainly composed for someone who takes a drives, climbs mountains or rides a horse. Its rhythm eliminates the boring environment that the listeners could be in.

Creating everyday songs – Mothers can create everyday songs based on the activities they are planning to participate in. The key theme of these songs is basically derived from what they are going to do, and also introducing preschoolers to music. An example of this type of song is Wheels on the bus and Driving in My Car.

Toast in the toaster – these particular kind of songs keep kids engaged since they make them do something more while in the car. These songs are featured in video forms together with their corresponding fingers.

Songs to sing throughout the Day – this song is perfect for car rides specifically because of the amount of lyrics.

Children Christmas songs – holiday and Christmas music is great to any car. There are several Christmas and holiday lyrics accompanied with their lyrics.

No more pie – this type of song is perfect for children in the car. No more pie song is beneficial children since it introduces pre-schoolers to music.

Sing a song (Say a rhyme) – instead of parents singing a song that a child is already used to, a car ride trip offers a greater opportunity to come off with something new and a creative song.

Favorite songs & finger-plays – These type of songs provides clear suggestions and creativity for songs when in a car ride. It is accompanied by pamphlet suggesting that parents can sing together with their children.

Neuroscience songs for kids- the tunes in this song mainly focuses on the functionality of the brain. Songs in this category include If only I had a brain, brain trap and because I got brains.

Check out some video examples below!

Little Red Car

Wheels on the Bus Part 1

Wheels on the Car

Driving in My Car