Child Development with Art



You can tell a child’s ambitions, social/emotional, physical, and intellectual development through their drawings. If you sit a child down and tell them to draw anything, you will get an answer key to their heart. Since young children have a hard time expressing their feeling through words, their drawings can be analyzed by psychologist for child development because the best way to understand a young child is through paint brushes, markers, crayons and paper. If a child were to draw themselves really small and make everyone else is big or far away from the main idea of the picture, this can indicate that they child is feeling left out or feel inferior to everyone else. Confidence can also be shown if they are the same size as everyone this shows that they are proud to be who they are and are feeling positive about themselves. In preschool, children can be assigned to draw how the feel, or what they see themselves as in their future. This can help children get a sense of who they are and what they want to accomplish.


Brain development

First children would have to gather the material for drawing, they would have to collect and organize their thoughts to figure out which items to choose. Then they would have a picture in mind, but no experience so they would have to draw freehand and in the end they have a drawing that they wanted which can help boost their confidence.

This can help them focus and complete a certain task that was given to them. They would first think of a picture that they wanted to draw, gather their materials, draw and then have to clean the mess they have made.This can help in the long run, if they were to play with their toys they would have to choose which toy they wanted to play with, then retrieve that toy, play with it and then clean up and put it back where they originally retrieved it from.

This can also test their memorization, for example they went to a park and they wanted to draw the playground they would have to recall the details and draw what they remember and this can also help them understand their surroundings, they could add a sidewalk, trees and grass around the park, or the duck pond next to the playground. They would draw the ripples in the water or a duck swimming looking for fish.


Muscle memory

They would have to hold a crayon, or any drawing utensil and this would use the brain to hand coordination and they would have to see the drawing and if they wanted to make circle they would have to use their eyes to make sure that it is round; this would also use their eye to hand coordination.