How to Ensure that Your Child Enjoys Preschool

What Preschool Means To Your Child

Preschool is a great opportunity for your children to learn from grade to grade like traditional schools for older kids. Primarily, preschool is taught by teaching your child through play. They have a unique opportunity to learn education skills from what most kids love doing best; playing. They can learn about the world around them through rhythm. Preschool is the first place your child will learn. It will also be the fun part of education for most children. In fact, nursery rhymes are one of the first playtime activities that will teach your child how to have fun learning.

How The ABC Rhyme Was Developed

The ABC rhyme was originally copyrighted in 1835. It was published by the popular 19th century Boston-based publisher Charles Bradlee. He was a German heir that had extraordinary skills with the flute and piano forte. The ABC rhyme was notably contributed to Louis Le Lamaire a notable 18th century composer and publisher. This rhyme is uniquely shared with the popular tune Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The ABC song is a popular nursery rhyme that lasts up to 20 seconds. Your child can learn their ABC’s through a rhyme.

What Can Your Child Learn From The ABC Rhyme

You can teach your child the ABC rhyme as early as two, but children start to learn the concept of letters from this nursery rhyme in preschool. This rhyme is a unique preschool child development source that teaches your child literacy. By learning this song your child is learning the basis of reading and writing. It encourages your child to learn through auditory-musical which is learning from what they hear. Plus, the ABC rhyme is a great way to teach your child cognitive skills. This unique rhyme may also encourage your child to want to write.

What Can Your Child Explore With The ABC Rhyme

Your child learns to appreciate lettering in books by learning their ABC’s. You will start to notice them inspecting books for familiar letters. They will soon flip through books from page to page based on the ABC rhyme. Learning their ABC’s helps them begin to adapt a fondness for a particular book in preschool. Children may also begin to make squiggly lines trying to mimic the letters of the alphabet as early as preschool.

How To Make Preschool Fun For A Child

You can make preschool fun by teaching your child songs to develop interpersonal skills. Nursery rhymes have always been a fun way to teach your child how to sociaize with others. Did you know preschool is also called nursery school? Preschool is also known as nursery school because often times nursery rhymes are used to teach your child. Rhymes will also make preschool a familiar setting for your child. It also makes it easier to adapt to their first years away from home. It’s a myth to believe that preschool doesn’t teach your child anything. Learn more about how the ABC rhyme can help your child have fun in preschool by visiting online today.