Five Little Monkeys Song Videos

Five Little Monkeys Song Videos

You may show the Five Little Monkeys video to your children, and they will learn about quite a lot including the rhymes that are in the song. Nursery rhyme videos will completely change your perspective on how you teach your students, and you will give them many different ways to learn from you that are not necessarily related to the books that you have in class. You will learn how much easier it is to make the videos a part of the class, and you will find that you have a number of ways to use these videos.

#1: What Is The Song About?

The monkeys are jumping on the bed, and they are falling off the bed because they are not behaving. It is going to be easy for the kids to see why that is, and they will learn that it is very improtant for them to listen to you and obey the rules. The monkeys get hurt in the song, and they will stay hurt because they are not following the rules. You do not want your children to get hurt like that, and it is quite simple to show them why this is troubling behavior.

#2: Dance To This Song

You will teach the children a few dance moves that you may use in class, and they may act out the song in a safe way when they are in class. You may use a number of different dance moves to help your students have a good time, and you will find that you may use the video in class to show the kids a few dance moves.

#3: The Song And Singing

You may teach the children to sing this song, and they will have many different things that they may learn. There are many people who will find that they may use these videos in the class, and there are some people who will use moving sheet music to teach the kids to sing this song. You will give the kids the enjoyment that they need, and they will have more fun learning in your class because they look forward to the video. When you give the kids this kind of excitement, they are much more likely to pay attention.

#4: How Do You Teach The Rhyming?

You may teach the rhyming quite easily with help from this song, and you will find that the video gives your kids a visual representation of all the words and how they rhyme. This is quite important because it ensures that you have given the children something to read as well as something to watch. They will understand much more fo the song itself, and you may ask them to call out the words when they see them. You are teaching a bit of reading, and you are helping your students have a much better time in class. Create as many interactive activities as possible, and you will change the way your children learn the English language.

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