Five Little Monkeys Versions


Five Little Monkeys is a very fun nursery rhyme that you can teach to your kids, and it has a lot of different versions that your kids could learn. The variations are different because of the way the song was written in the first place, and you will learn about history of the song as you figure out how many of these great styles you can use with your children.

The Original

The monkeys are jumping on the bed, and that is where the whole thing begins, ending with the well known lyric “no more monkeys jumping the bed“. That means that you can show the children how all the monkeys get off the bed. That is the original version, and it has been added to over the years. No one wrote this big change to the song, but the song has had some cool additions that tell more of their story.

No One Fell

No one fell in one of the editions of this song that is a bit more anticlimactic, but it can be really interesting for you to figure out if you can add that the end like a surprise. It will be fun to sing that with the children, and you could teach them that you do not want them jumping on the bed. You also need to be sure that you have seen if you can fit this in so that you can have a lot longer song.

The Tree

Some of the parts of the song could be written about the monkeys in a tree which is not like the original at all, but it is more like what you would see monkeys doing, and you will find out that you can get the children to learn about the song and what it can say to them. You also want them to learn that they could actually sing the song on their own if you want them to. Some of these children are going to be sure that they find more versions, and they can figure out how the song might work if they change it up.

The Alligator

The alligator is going to be a lot of fun for you to talk about because that is what the monkeys are talking about when they are in the song. That is how they hang over the water and they tease him because he cannot reach them. He keeps trying to get them, and then they all end up in the water. You also have to be sure that you have checked to see if some of your children would not want to hear this. They might be scared, and you can go back to the original. Or, you could go so far as to change it on a nightly basis because you want your children to have a lot of opportunities to enjoy this song. You might not want to be singing this whole song the first night, but you can play around with it and use all the different editions of it as the children as sleeping.