Five Little Monkeys Videos

Five Little Monkeys Videos

The Five Little Monkeys is a wonderful song to use with the students in your class, and you will find that you may do many an activity that will include dance for kids. You may use the nursery rhyme videos to explain safety to the kids, and they may learn why it is important to obey their parents. You want your students to get into these special activities when you are planning to use this song, and you may show them the video to occupy them a bit.

#1: The Videos

You may make a number of choices when you are showing videos to your students, and they will learn quite a lot from each of the videos that they watch. They will want to interact with these videos, and they will use these videos to ensure that they feel wonderful as they jump around and watch something that they believe is most exciting. You will be quite happy to use the videos simply to pass the time, or you may use them in your activities.

Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys Kids Dance

Five Little Monkeys Playground

Five Little Monkeys Pepa Pig

#2: Dancing

You may do a dancing game with the kids that will be interesting because they may dance along to the video. You will find that you may make a number of choices that will help you save time, and you will notice that you have something that you will use daily because it helps the kids get out all their energy. You must make these choices because the kids need something to occupy them.

#3: Singing

You may sing this song with the kids if you like, and you may learn how to help them read music in the process. The video will become something that they expect to see when your class starts, and you will begin to use the singing as part of your lessons because it makes your lessons much more expansive.

#4: Playing Out The Song

You may play out the song easily if you have chosen to use this song, and you may turn it into a production that you will use with your children. Each of the children that you have will want to interact with the song in a new way, and you will feel as though you have made some wise choies that will be related to the way that the children learn from this song. You may teach them how to put on a production, and you may teach them how to make choices that are much better for them overall.

#5: The Safety Issue

You may teach safety to the children using this song and video, and they will learn why it is important that they mind their parents and listen. You may teach them the same thing as it relates to rules in your class, and you will find that you have a number of things that you may do to ensure that you will save time as you teach them to follow the rules in your class every single day.