The History of Teddy Bear Teddy Bear


The Teddy Bear Teddy Bear song has a history dating way back to the 1920’s and some might even say it goes further back than that! The most common version is an eight stanza long poem intended for infants and toddlers. It’s very easy to recite and to play along with your child! They will absolutely love singing along, dancing and following your steps! Most of its common theories are particularly unknown but it is still very popular today. This nursery rhyme is great for kids because it includes their favorite thing; a teddy bear.

These kinds of Mother Goose rhymes can date way back to the 13th-century. Lots of these old rhymes have originated from French poems and old English stories. There are many different kinds of rhymes such as games, riddles, alphabet, places and proverbs. There are nursery rhymes made up from just about anything now and kids really enjoy it! The Teddy Bear Teddy Bear nursery rhyme has been around for many years and kids are still singing it today! There are also plenty of other teddy bear nursery rhymes that kids love!

Mother Goose nursery rhyme versions also come from all over the world like Japan, England, Britain, France and America. The various rhyme histories include lots of different meanings and they all have a unique past. A lot of other rhymes come from unknown sources because of their long history.

The nursery rhyme Teddy Bear Teddy Bear is a nice little chant that includes activity play such as jumping, and turning around. There have been hundreds of variations made in addition to the original which makes it hard to find the original source. There are also other Mother Goose rhymes that have the same chant, but without the teddy bear. This kid-friendly rhyme was created to entertain a child’s mind, include some fun activity for them and also make your little one smile! Lots of kids still sing this today and many parents/caregivers make this a fun activity for all!