How to Babysit Children

How To Babysit Young Children

Babysitting can be a fun job or it can be a job with one child or a few. More importantly, your age as a babysitter can play a huge part in how much the little ones will enjoy coming to see the babysitter. Are you an older or younger babysitter? The goal is to have activities that will keep children occupied. The more fun you have in the daytime, the easier it will be for bedtime. All parents want a babysitter that puts the safety of their child first with kid-friendly activities available.

A Few Tips For The Babysitter

You want to have a set of activities planned for the day along with snacks. Furthermore, if you’re entertaining small children, being creative is important. Playing video games and watching television should be a last resort or a cool treat. Find out, if their parents have certain activities they do with their child. Also find out the do’s and don’ts from their parents in advance to set your activity schedule around what their parents do at home. Remember, younger children are more energetic and may require more activities. You also have to be present with smaller children during activities.

A Fun Game For Small Children

What small child doesn’t love the sing along game. If you have more than one child, it can be fun to have a sing-a-long. There are literally hundreds of rhymes to choose from while you’re babysitting. You can sing a song with kids and dictate the fun. It’s also a great game for them to play among each other. You’re actually as good as Dr. Suess, if you’re entertaining your children with nursery rhymes. More importantly, you’re improving their motor and communication skills.

What Are The Top Kid-Friendly Rhymes

The best rhymes will contain a command and involve the children actively participating. For example, Ring-A-Round-The-Rosie is a popular sing-a-long in and outdoors. They’ll enjoy signing along as a group and it gives one of the children an opportunity to take the lead. Be prepared to perform classic and modern rhymes to keep the kids entertained. Jack and Jill is both inclusive of both a girl and a boy. It is a classic rhyme. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is another popular song with three verses, if you like. It is a great song a young child can comprehend and sing to with you.

Remember, be creative because kids love to have fun. You can find a list of the top nursey rhymes online. Being a babysitter is a great opportunity to teach children participaton. If they’re in their first year of school, it will be fun for them to enjoy and follow along. Their parents will notice their child being creative and using their motor skills. Find out what type of rhymes the child likes and make it a habit to sing these songs with them. Sing-a-long with the kids the next time you’re babysitting for safe entertainment.