Humpty Dumpty the Egg

humpty dumpty has a lesson or two in it that the students in class will enjoy, and you as the teacher must use these rhymes because they provide you with quite a lot of help as you teach. You may ask the children what they believe would be the best option possible, and you will learn quite a lot in this process yourself. The egg that fell down and could not be repaired is a story about how we cannot put people on a pedestal, and you must teach the children to keep everyone off the pedestal because anyone would fall off of it.

#1: Leaders And Leadership

You will find that the leaders of the world who are participating in the harm of others are often put on pedestals and fall down. This history of this story dates back to when the king of England was a powerful man who had too much power. Because of this, he became someone who would fall down from his pedestal because he would be apt to be toppled by public opinion. The people of England became very unhappy with the upper classes, and the king’s men could not fix that. Ask your children what the monarchy of England is like today. They are paid a salary by the government, and they do not really run the country.

#2: The Song Lyrics

There are many wonderful song lyrics that will help people ensure that they are having a good time singing with the kids, and you may ask them to read the lyrics as you sing them. The children will learn how to read and write these words, and they will be much more familiar with the song because they have seen all the words in print. You may ask them to trace over the letters if they are very small, and you may ask them to write more words if they are a bit older.

#3: Acting Out The Song

You may act out the song with your kids, and they will be quite excited to play their part in the song. The song may become a play that takes quite a long time to complete, and you may ask your kids to write a script that will be performed for the school or their parents. This tune is very old, everyone knows it, and the parents will quite enjoy seeing this song come to life. You may build a musical if you like, and you will give all the children something that they are quite excited by.

#4: The Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is that chidlren must be discerning about who they follow and believe. There are many different people who will find that they are happy reading this song knowing that is relates to the king of England. They will teach their children history, and they will teach their children lessons in life that they need to know so that they may have a more productive life.