Is Johnny Naughty or Nice?

The johnny johnny song is an education tool that you may use in your classroom at any time, and you will find that you may use this song to accomplish quite a few goals with your kids. The song has a specified purpose, but it may be used to help your children understand concepts that may be out of their reach before they hear the song or watch the video. The video has been floating around for some time, and it provides a way for you to add to the educational environment in your class without doing too much work. You simply use the content in the video as a starting point for learning.

#1: What Is It About?

Johnny Johnny is about a boy who is misbehaving and lying to his father about it. The boy is caught in many situations where he is lying, and he tells his father that he is doing the right thing. This sort of behavior is common among little kids, and it is something that you may show to little kids so that they understand that they cannot do things like that because that because them to look untrustworthy.

#2: Behavior Modification

You may ask the children in your class if they have ever done any of the things in the video, and you will find that they may think a bit harder about how they act in the future. This is quite helpful for you as you attempt to teach the children right from wrong. You want them to have a firm grasp of what it looks like to do things that you know are wrong in the face of someone who cares about you. Many of these kids will not have seen this prtotrayed in this manner before, and they will take it to heart after they watch the video.

#3: Teaching Language

You may teach language to the kids at any time with this song. They may see the words on the screen, and they will sing along with those words when they are asked to write them down. You may do this at any time to help the kids learn how to write certain words, and you may ask the kids to write down words they have seen on the screen from memory. This is a very simple way for you to begin the process of teaching language, and you may use different words any time that you like. The language that you teach becomes much easier to grasp because there is a video.

#4: Art

You may ask the children to draw the scenes from this video, or you may draw backgrounds that will help them play around in art class. You want the kids to have a lovely time in your class, and they will enjoy coloring this scene because the kids remember it from the video. Providing these sorts of options for the kids helps them save quite a lot of time, and it helps them do something that is much more fun.