Is Jonny lying?

johny johny yes papa is a song and video that teaches kids a lesson about lying. The boy is lying in the song to his father, and he is trying to do things that he should not do. The children may play with friends or act out this video, and they may sing along because they like the tune. It is quite a lot of fun for the children to partake in this song because they may learn lessons while having a good time.

#1: The Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is that the child in the song is lying to his parent about things that he wants to do. He is lying continually throughout the song, and it does not turn out well for him. Because of this, there are many different scenarios that he gets into that he should not be in. He makes it very easy for his father to see that he is lying, and he is causing himself trouble because he will not be honest.

#2: How Does The Video Go?

The video explains all the situations that Johnny has gotten into, and it shows how his father catches him in all the lies he has told. Because of this, it is very easy for the children to see that lying will not profit them at all. They will see that they need to mind their parents and their teachers, and it may become a roleplay that is easy to use in class. If the children have been taught well, they will remember those things because they have been exposed to a lesson in how to be honest with the people around them.

#3: The Song’s Words

You may teach the kids the words and melody of the song, and you will find that you may use the song to teach music in a simple way. There are many people who will use this song in class because it gives their children quite a lot of help learning. They will act for you in this song if you use it in music class, and the children may dance for this song in your class. You may vary your activities quite easily, and your children will begin to enjoy the song more because you have associated dancing and music with it.

#4: Share It With Parents

You may share this with your children, and they will tell their parents about it. This is a simple resource that you may use with your kids, and their parents will refer to the song in their parenting. You want the children to learn that what Johnny is doing is wrong, and the only way to teach them that is to ensure that they have been exposed to the story in as many ways as possible. It is quite a lot of fun for the children to have songs and videos to listen to, and they will be more excited to come to your class when they know you will use music.