Lessons of Hello Hello Hello

About Lessons of Hello Hello Hello Nursery Rhymes

It is most commonly noted that these lessons were written for a play group/ music class created on August 5th, 2015 by a blogging community of teachers and librarians. Their mission was to begin and end every session with the children properly with high positive energy. There are many versions and lessons using the familiar rhythm that has been taking classrooms by a storm. The song applies the methodology for learning to identifying nouns,verbs, adjectives and proper subject verb agreement. It is popular in many countries for early grammar use in multiple languages.

Cognitive and Behavioral Development

While there are various methods used to teach children, the fastest and most efficient way is through song. As a transitioning tool. Nursery rhymes focus on key phrases of greetings, such as “Hello” and “What’s your name?”. Lessons also create a fun and engaging icebreaker that prepares children of ages 0-5 for communication and leadership. Teachers readily review the rhythmic tunes and have them ready for the first day of class . The nursery rhyme is a great strategy that allows kids to have fun while advancing in practices of proper grammar, cognitive responses, and rhyming.

Is it Working?

These catchy tunes are a great way to ignite children’s creative perspective and subconscious learning ability of children ages 0-5. From week-to-week you will see your child getting familiar with responding to questions that we ask in class. Children will bring lessons home and ask the parents questions subconsciously. For example: “What is your name?”. Do not be afraid to engage with them and also use it to teach them other important skills of development: colors, animals, foods, foreign languages, etc. There are tactics many parents have used of pairing puppets with the songs at home in order to produce familiarity with the school curriculum for extra fun. Rhyming and singing with children can result in high retention levels for reading, writing in multiple languages, drawing, dancing and other basic skills. Adapting to lessons to different any subject of interest could lead to early adoption of desired knowledge. You can rest assured that your child is learning and retaining information at a satisfactory rate for their grade level.


It is a common understanding that when you say “hello”, you build relationships. Children will make new connections through Lessons of Hello Hello Hello. It is almost certain that children will interact and find friends and partners through puppets and songs that support the learning environment. Preschool teachers in particularly use rhythm as one of the first icebreakers in classrooms to introduce the lessons and set the pace of learning for the semester.


Children at the young ages of 0-5 are already full of originality and creative genius. Lessons in song can eliminate habits of negative thoughts by dismissing the idea of fear and rejection. Feeding their energy through songs and rhythms create loads of fun in classrooms, learning centers, churches, and clubs.Let their genius go unsuppressed and creatively unbound.