Making Crafts with Your Children

If you are wanting to help your child learn to read or help increase their memory, try teaching them nursery rhymes like the abc song and making crafts together. You will find that they will understand how much fun nursery rhymes can be when they participate in putting the characters together. Just think about how much fun you and your child could have done so many lovely projects.

Doing Fun Artwork

When making a craft with your little one, you can use everyday things around the house to keep from breaking your budget. Just pick a couple of nursery rhymes and look at who you want to make. If you choose Humpty Dumpty, go through the rhyme first. Then pick out a character or two that will be used for the project. Are doing you Humpty Dumpty? That will be fun. Since he was an egg, you can use a plastic egg or decorate them with color sharpies. Your child can draw a face and a tie with clothing, or get some glue to put legs on him to show that he was whole. After Humpty falls, you can either get another plastic egg and put glue all over it to place crushed egg shells on, or you can take the crushed eggshells and place them in glue on egg-shaped cutout construction paper. Another cook project that you could do with your child is Ba Ba Black Sheep. You can take black construction set with white chalk, glue, black paint, and cotton. Just use the white chalk to trace put a sheep, then cut it out. Make sure to add eyes and ears. Once you have done that, add glue. You can either use black paint to make the cotton dark or just keep it white. Next comes the glue, which should be spread across the sheep parts that are to have wool on them. After that, add the cotton. Once you have done that, you can go through both of these nursery rhymes again with characters that you and your child made.

What Other Skills Can Your Child Learn From Making Crafts

Motor skills is a big one. You want your child to learn what can happen when certain actions take place. Teaching them this will help to learn about consequences to certain actions. For example, Humpty Dumpty was an egg that sat on a wall. You can teach your child that if an egg sits on a wall, which is not a good idea, there is going to be an accident. He can’t be put back together. You can use this example to teach your child to put their toys away to keep them from being broken with this illustration. You can use these crafts to teach so many important lessons.

Doing fun crafts with your child is a very rewarding experience. Small children are at an age where learning is exciting and they are eager to take in the knowledge you give them. So get the supplies and enjoy yourselves.