Monkeys on the Bed


The 5 little monkeys is a great lesson starter for every classroom, and you will find that repetition helps your class learn. This song may be learned easily by your class, and you will find that you may make a number of different choices that will help you train them to do anything that you need them to do. Each step that you take with your class will be much easier for you to manage, and you will learn quite quickly that you may make a number of choices that will help your class move forward. The first step is to ensure that you will train your students well.

#1: Rhyming

You may begin rhyming with your class as you teach them about poetry and songs. There are many things that may be done with your class, and you will find that they enjoy rhyming if they know how the songs are constructed. You may teach your students to rhyme, and you may teach them to write their own songs. You may teach them how to write more lines for the same song, and you may build onto the song until it is so long that you may sing it for an entire performance.

#2: The Math

You may train your students to do simple math using this song, and you will find that you may train them in basic counting without any problem. The song itself is very simple to use, and you may may teach them to count backwards or forwards. A class that is learning to count in the most basic format may count forwards, and a class that is a bit more advanced will count backwards.

#3: The Safety Concerns

You will find that there are many safety concerns that you will address with your students when you use this song. The song is quite easy to use with your class, and you will teach them why they must be careful. You obviously do not have them on beds in your class, but you may teach them about jumping and being rough with their friends. It is quite simple for you to ensure that your class will be much safer in the future. They will remember the lesson of the song, and they will remember when you remind them to think of the little monkeys in the song.

#4: Acting Out The Song

You may act out the song quite easily, and you will find that all your students enjoy doing this because it helps them have something to work on every day. Putting together a production of this size could be quite helpful to you, and you will find that the kids love to play around with this song because of how it was written. They want to be actors in the play, and they all want to have a part in the song that includes the monkeys and the parents. You may teach them quite a lot with a simple little song that you brought to class.