Nursery Rhyme Lyric Resources

Song notes

Nursery rhymes help children to develop learning skills because it introduces them to early phonics skills. They give children the opportunity to hear, distinguish and control alphabet sounds. Having this skill prepares kids to learn how to read because most early learning institutions use phonics to teach children to read. This developmental method introduces children to volume control, words, and pitch. They help to promote imagination expansion in children. These development tools have places and things that children have never seen before in their lyrics. When children hear the words, they instinctively imagine, for example, what a king looks like, or what it looks like for a cow to jump over the moon. They teach children that things happen in a sequence of events. Children will begin to recognize that stories have a beginning, middle and an end. Use them to teach children how to speak in sentences. Children first learn how to speak in single words. These rhyming songs are easy to remember and repeat, so children become accustomed to using words in sentences.

Motor Skills
Many of these songs have a dance that accompanies them like the Hokie Pokie, or I’m a Little Teapot. When Children follow lyrical instructions that include body movement they develop motor skills through the repetitions of these movements. When a child follows instructions, like for example put your left foot in and take your left foot out, the child learns left from right. These instructional tools also get kids acquainted with using motor skills through repetition.

Make Learning Easy and Fun
Children love singing and playing, so using nursery rhymes to help your child learn is easy. Children are very fascinated by words that rhyme, so they are a natural way to enhance children’s learning development. Kids love to play games, so playing the games that go along with them is a fun and natural way to help children learn motor skills. Children love interacting with their parents, so this activity is a great way for parents and kids to sing and play games together. Children love playing in groups, so a teacher can easily incorporate them into classroom activities.

Rhyme Lyric Resouces
Parents and teachers can use learning resources to help develop sentence structure, motors skills, imagination, and many other skills that are essential to learning development. The same tools that were used by our parents and teachers have done so much for our learning development. Here is a list of educational resources to aid you in teaching children:

• for parents
• music
• nursery rhyme lyrics
• for rhyme help

Learning comes in many different forms. Using this method is a very fun and natural way for kids to learn. Kids learn so much in their early development. These learning tools have been a great resource for enhancing early child development for ages. Make them a part of your child’s early development.