Nursery Rhymes About Food

Nursery Rhymes About Food
Nursery Rhymes About Food To Use In Class

Nursery rhymes that you use in your class will help your children learn about food, and you may teach the kids about many different things that are not restricted to food. You may start with Humpty Dumpty song , but you will continue to something that is much more advanced because you will find that there are recipes fro the things that you are singing about. You may sing about the eggs that you have found in that simple nursery rhyme, or you may sing with your children about hot cross buns that you will actually make in class.

#1: Humpty Dumpty

This is the song about putting someone on a perch and watching them fall off of it. There are quite a few rulers throughout history who have been very large and toppled, and it is interesting to note that most of the people who have been associated with this song have turned out to be some of the worst leaders of all time. You certainly do not need to go into all the gory details, but you may teach your children details about history they would not have known otherwise.

#2: Hot Cross Buns

This song is unique because it is one of the first songs that children will sing when they are in class. They will sing this song because it is so very simple, and they will learn to play it on instrument for the same reason. You will also find that you may make these buns if that is something that you think would be fun to do with your children over the holidays. There are many children who did not know that these were actual pastries until they learned about them in class.

#3: Jack And Jill

This song is not expressly about food, but it is a song that you may use to talk about food preparation. These two were going down the hill to fetch a pail of water, and you may begin to imagine with the children what they needed the water for. You will hear some interesting answers to your inquiries, and the children will want to know what you think they were doing when they got down to the bottom of the hill after they fell all that way.

#4: Hansel And Gretel

This rhyme is dependent on the fact that the witch was able to lure these two with food, and they even tried to use food to find their way home again. Because of this, you will find that the children will begin to talk about how they would have baked for the children if they came to their house in the story. You may expand this line of thinking to songs about Santa Claus because he is often left food on Christmas Eve, and you may do the same with the children when you are playing at Halloween and want them to think about the sort of candy they want. Each song provides a new layer for discovery in class.

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