Nursery Rhymes Finger Family

Nowadays, you can hear little children singing it. Mothers serenading their children to this catchy tune while trying to teach them how to talk or say words. With the advanced technology that we have such as YouTube videos played on cell phones, tablets, and Ipads, Sing a long songs from kids T.V. shows, and Books of Folk tales, Myths, and Legends; The Nursery Rhyme: Finger Family has become a constant verse that children love to sing and play to, while their parents grow weary of the song as it replays over and over again. However monotonous this melody is, it is a family favorite for all to enjoy.

Honestly no one really knows where “The Finger Family” nursery rhyme originated from. There are a couple of cultures and countries who claim its origins within their lullaby’s, and nursery rhymes. Such as the languages in French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Danish, Iranian, Hindu, or Telugu, (India) and of course, English. Today YouTube is one of the most leading video posts of our time. On May 25, 2007; YouTube user, Leehosook first posted a YouTube video of the Family Finger Song.

The learning process, and use of this nursery rhyme teaches the kids about the names of their fingers, as well as to recognize, and understand their family. The Daddy finger represents the Thumb. The Mommy finger is the Pointer finger. The Brother finger is the Middle finger. The Sister finger is the Index finger, and the Baby finger is the Pinky finger. As the words are sung to the child while doing the motions, the child then understands the names of their fingers, and recognizes who their parents, and siblings are within the family.

There are many different variations to the Nursery Rhyme. As there are many cultures/countries who claim the origin of the song, you can’t really tell the difference because no one knows the original version or in this case who first introduced the song.However, there are notable changes to how it is sung. The cultures or countries in their own adaption of the nursery rhyme has either added onto the lyrics, or have changed the tempo and speed of it as well.

In conclusion, there are some interesting facts about this nursery rhyme. One interesting fact is it brings back memories of how a child within the family first pin points an understanding of who is in the family; and what the names of their fingers are. Another interesting fact of this song, is that it’s a world wide known lyric in all cultures, and no one knows its first origin. However because of this, there are different variations and versions of this nursery rhyme. Although after a time when the song is repetitively heard on a constant basis, it is still a family favorite to all.