Nursery Rhymes About Shoes For Kids

Nursery Rhymes About Shoes For Kids

You may teach your class a number of things when you resort to nursery rhymes about shoes. There are many rhymes you may use to teach your class, adn you will do everything from teach them to tie their shoes to simply sing about a lady in a shoe. The children in the class will learn practical skills that will help them, and they will find that they enjoy singing about shoes because the shoes are a big part of their day. Children love to get new shoes, and they want to hear a song that they may relate to. Consider how you may incorporate these things into your lessons.

#1: Tying Shoes

The children in your class will learn how to tie their shoes in time, and they will find that there are many different things that may be done to ensure that they are tying them properly. You may use One Two Buckle My Shoe, and you may use a basic video to go along with it. You may place the children in front of the video, and you could incoirporate shoe tying into the song. The kids will not know why they do not buckle their shoes, and that becomes a lesson for your class in and of itself.

#2: The Old Woman In The Shoe

The children must learn about the old woman who lived in her shoe because that is a very good morality tale for the modern age. You will be quite happy to show them why they cannot value their shoes above all things, and you will discover that you have many kids who want to rethink how they view their possessions. You are not teaching the children to live in a cardboard box, but you are teaching them to think of others before themselves.

#4: Changing Up The Songs

If you use The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe, you may ask the children what color the shoe was or why she chose to live in it for so long. They will have fun disagreements about why she lives in the shoes, and their style will come through as they tell you the colors of the shoes they would have worn. The same is true with One Two Buckle My Shoe. Ask your children to imagine what the shoes were like, and you can start imagining new ways to sing the songs or tell the stories. This means that your children can add onto the story, tell you more details of the story, or write their own story that is very similar.

#5: Have A Shoe Day

One Two Buckle My Shoe is a good reason to ask all your children to wear shoes with buckles to school, and you can compare with those who have Velcro instead. This is a good time to talk about advances in technology, or you can have a wacky shoe day where your children bring in their most outlandish shoes that they would want to live in.