Open Shut Them Benefits

Have you ever wondered what you can do as a parent or a grandparent of your little one to help them and encourage learning abilities? There are so many different things that one can do to help encourage learning. Some of the most simplest things of talking, singing, laughing and simply communication can help speed up your little one’s learning abilities. It is important to practice consistency and repetitiveness with your little one on a daily basis in order to continue to keep their brain active.

Sing a Song

One of the most important things to do on a daily basis with your child, is to sing to them; using hand gestures, imitation and physical movement. One song that helps to encourage little ones is the song, “Open Shut them.” This is a song that encourages little ones to learn by watching the movements and gestures, along with hearing the repetitive song at the same time encourages brain activity tremendously. The song was written for very young toddlers, ages 0-5 in order to promote development in various domains, such as language, spacial development and motor skills. This song was also rewritten in many different versions and even different languages that adds various actions that allows the child to learn different body parts. In addition, parents also use different facial expressions and varying voice tone and speed in order to make the song more interesting.

Make Learning Fun for your Little One

It is important for little ones to learn by having fun. Getting your little one to move different body parts and hear songs and words simultaneously allows them to distinguish the differences of body parts. The benefits of the famous song allows children to practice their literacy skills by constant repetition and rhyming. Children become more aware of their bodies and what they do when they are introduced to them on a regular basis by singing fun songs. Introducing songs that get them active by having them be fully engaged with the song, helps improve their memory as well. In fact, every time you interact with your little one, you should always try to incorporate fun and learning so they are more encouraged to want to learn, because they associate learning with fun.

Incorporating Learning with your Daily Routine

Learning should be apart of your little one’s daily routine. There are many different ways that parents and also teachers can incorporate learning as their daily routine. For example, when children are getting ready to leave their home, parents can begin by singing a song that shows children what they have to do to get ready. At the same time of singing a song, parents can make it fun for them by incorporating themselves in the song by showing the child what they have to do and adding a little silliness to the songs. You can also utilize common nursery songs, but change up the wording to tailor it to what your trying to get them to do, which is getting ready.