Rhymes with Life Lessons

Nursery Rhymes

There are plenty of songs for children to sing along to every single day that helps to teach them valuable lessons in life as far as learning skills that will help them as they continue to grow and use these teachings later on in their lives which they have learned through these songs.

Even though these songs all help to teach lessons such as hand and eye coordination, memory skills, how to follow instructions and so on they aren’t as many as you would think that actually teach children valuable life teachings that they can take with them into adulthood.

Nursery Rhymes aren’t necessarily to teach children valuable life instructions per say. These songs only have little bits of life’s realities in some of them. Children haven’t begun to see the world in their daily lives just yet. They are learning about everything around them through you and what it is you are teaching them. This is how they are learning their everyday activities and so on.

Children like songs that they can sing along to. They like songs that will stay with them after they sing them, which almost all Nursery Rhymes are designed to do.

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo-Peep is a fable that very subtlely gives children a life teaching to be learned while having it sung to them or singing along with. This song helps a child understand about losing things that they might adore and learning to just let it go. The song helps them to understand how some things can be beyond them and letting fate decide.

Old Mother Hubbard And Her Dog

Old Mother Hubbard And Her Dog is a great song that teaches children that not getting into other people’s affairs will help them to live a better and happier life of their own.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is another fable that helps to teach children about death and how they are strong enough to cope with losing a loved one. While the subject may seem awfully grim it is, in fact, a great way to teach them about the subject while also being a great reference point to talk with children about death.

Driving in My Car Beep Beep Song

Mary Quite Contrary learns about driving safety.

The examples that I have given are all great songs that are there to teach children important life teachings while also giving parents a great way to help their children understand some of these realities in life. The songs help them to learn these teachings in an easier manner than just by telling them in a straightforward manner.

There are also many other songs to teach children different messages all in varying degrees, but these are just a few that are there to teach some of the more important teachings to be learned in life in an easy to understand way for your children to learn as they grow.