Spanish Song Videos

Spanish Song Videos

You may begin to train your students in the Spanish language when you are using the nursery rhymes, or canciones infantiles, you have found online, and you will improve their language skills each time they watch one. The nursery rhymes that you share with the children may be song that were translated into Spanish, and that will make the teaching of EspaƱol much easier on you and everyone in the class. Spanish songs are quite easy to use, and you may share the videos as much as you like with the kids.

#1: How Do You Introduce The Videos?

The videos that you are using for your class will ensure that you have shown them a glimpse of the language that they would not have gotten any other way. You may use these language videos as much as you want, and you will find that you may continue to use these videos for as long as they seem to benefit the children.

#2: Which Songs Will You Use?

You must use songs that you believe will help your students learn because they will be quite invested in the songs they already know. They will use these songs for quite some time to ensure that they learn something special, and they will compare the words in the song to the words that they already know. You may use songs such as the following:

ABC Song

Twinkle Twinkle

Row Row Row Your Boat

#3: Sing Along

You may sing along as much as you like when you are in class, and you will find that the students are quite happy to sing with you even if they do not know the words. They pick up on the words easily, and they will teach you what you need to do for them in the next lessons. You will hear what they are singing well, and you will hear what is not going so well. The combination of the two makes life much easier on you, and you will find that many of your students are quite happy to use these songs because they find them entertaining and easy to remember after hearing a few times.

#4: Train Them To Write

You may train them to write based on the words they have heard in these songs, and they will use these songs to ensure that they know what may be the most beneficial to them. You will give them words to write that you have not heard before, and they will pick out the spelling after they have heard the song. You may share the words with them if you like, and you will find that they help you quite a lot because you will see what they are excelling in and what they are struggling ith. You may also use these songs when your ant to entertain the kids, and they may. Do things such as draw art and make up their own songs.