Star Light Star Bright History

starStar Light Star Bright is a 19th century nursery rhyme that people have been singing since it became popular.  It plays on the idea that someone can wish on a star when they find it or when it streaks by which has been a superstition that dates back to ancient times. People sing this song to help their children enjoy nature, aspire to their hopes and dreams and to join together in song. This rhyme’s popularity has spread across America because it is a simple rhyme to learn. Someone who wants to teach their children can use a nursery rhyme like this with their kids at home or in a classroom.

Nursery rhymes are fun to use, and they are easy to teach to small groups of children. Songs for children are often easy to sing in groups, with easy melodies and simple words. You can teach rhymes like this one to your kids when they are really young, and you may find out that may more of your kids will teach it to their friends when they learn how to sing it.

The history of this particular nursery rhyme is unknown, but could take you back to the days when people lived in cabins and sang songs around the campfire. Eventually, this nursery rhyme reached Great Britain some time in the twentieth century and has been incorporated into famous popular songs ever since.

Next time you spend time under the stars with your children, talk about the stars you see in the sky, how they make you feel and then discuss things you hope for the future. Teach your children the rhyme, Star Light Star Bright line by line and then sing it together as you look up at all the stars in the sky.