The Bear Went Over The Mountain History

The Bear Went Over The Mountain is a fantastic little song that you may sing with your children, and it is about a bear that comes from a Germanic tradition. You may sing this song to the tune of For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow, and you may teach it to your children any time you like. This is a fantastic song for kids, and it has many videos online that will them learn all about it.

#1: The History Of The Nursery Rhyme

The history of this nursery rhyme is Germanic, and it states that the bear went over the mountain because that was part of his nature. The lovely and amazing hills in Germany where the bear would have gone have been fantastic places for people to sight wildlife, and the bear was often on that hill because it had many things to see. The bear, or perhaps the badger, was out checking to ensure that winter was over. That is why he went over the mountain, and certain people believe that he was looking over the mountain.

#2: How Do You Sing The Song?

The song that you are singing is to the tune For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow. This is a song in the public domain that you may have sung many times before or heard in a number of TV shows and movies. Children often learn that song because of how ubiquitous it is in culture, and they know the tune because it is so familiar. The lyrics of the song may be found in a video online, or you may print out many kids’ songs that you believe are helpful.

#3: The Song’s Usefulness

Bear Over The Mountain is something that you may teach to children as a part of a lesson on the traditions of other countries. The children will instantly know something about another culture that they are proud of, and they may learn so many things that they may share them with others. You will find that they ask about the history, and you may dig into it yourself to help them. The bear over that mountain was an animal that changes based on the culture that speaks of it, and you must ensure that you have looked into he many stories that are used.

#4: The Videos Online

The Over The Mountain song is one that you may show your kids online, and they may follow along with the song as they watch. They will hear the words and see them on the screen, and they will be pleased to sing along because they enjoy the song so much. It has been adapted in a number of ways, and you may use it to ensure that you have made the proper choices for your class. Choose the style of the song you prefer, and you may select a lovely version of the song that you believe is right for your class. Search online before you begin singing with the class.