The Wheels on the Bus Benefits

Boy dancing

There are many different parents and teachers who want to identify motor skills in their children, and they will find that it is much easier to help their kids when they use simple songs. The Wheels on the Bus is the perfect song to sing with hand motions, and it teaches vocabulary while helping with fine motor skills and gross motor skills. This article explains how you may break down this song for this purpose.


The words in the song represent a vocabulary that you may teach your children. You may use the hand motions to teach what each of the words mean, and the kids will begin to associate those words with the hand motions that you used. These two things together teach more vocabulary than you could imagine, and you will be impressed with the results kids get because they are using the motions and the words together. They have associated the words with a signal that helps them remember, and you may start judging their motor skills at the same time.

Gross Motor Skills

You are able to improve gross motor skills with this song because there are many objects on the bus that move. The wheels on the bus will move in big motions, and the kids in the group will make these motions because they want to copy what the bus does. This is something that changes how you manage their learning, and it prevents the kids from moving on to fine motor skills until you are ready. Little kids do not know how many verses are in the song, or they will happily sing the same verse over and over while you teach them.

Fine Motor Skills

You will teach children many fine motor skills using this song, such as when all the teachers on the bus are telling the babies to go hush. This is a much smaller movement for their hands, and you will see if the kids are steady in their movements. It is quite helpful for you to use these songs to teach the kids what they need to know, and you will be much more satisfied with the results you get when you are training the kids using a familiar song. You may compare the kids to one another as they use the same motions, and you will learn which children have picked up these motor skills and which have not.

There are many teachers who need to use simple songs to train their children, and The Wheels on the Bus would be a great start.