Today Is Your Day Birthday Song

What is the Today Is Your Day Song all about?

The Today Is Your Day nursery rhyme is all about each and every little boy/girl out there. It is a very special nursery rhyme that has one purpose and that purpose is celebrating every child’s birthday. There is nothing as awesome as this event is and birthdays are meant to be all about making merry and fun with others. It doesn’t matter if these others are adults or kids or a combination of both. The lyrics to this song also talks about just how wonderful birthdays are in detail and description.

Today is a wonderful day because?

Today is a wonderful day because it’s simple. It was the day you were born. The day you came into the world and made your parents very proud to have you. It’s also the day that two people become three and three can go on to four and more. Birthdays are one of a kind for a reason and that is because you are a unique creation that was made from love. What this special nursery rhyme is saying that and congratulations on making a year older as well. It is the one day that no one can ever take away from you. It’s more than just a day to get yummy cake and lots of great presents. It’s a celebration time to say best wishes to you and many more to come down the road of life.

There is no other nursery rhyme that says “Happy Birthday” better than this one!

Today is definitely your day and a big delicious cake day. However, most importantly of all, it is the one day that brings you lots of super nice wishes for your day and no one else’s. The lyrics to this nursery rhyme are all about happiness. They were written with fun, happiness, and smiles in mind for everyone who has been born on the planet. Birthdays are the one time for everyone to get together and enjoy a grand time like no other. It is why it is an occasion that definitely does go far beyond just having cake, ice cream, and many gifts from those who love you most. It is paying honor to your born day. A born day is when you were born. Is is the one time that says hello to you, and also, at the same time says “thank you to you” for being around.