Spending Time with Family Listening to Nursery Rhymes

Fun Things To Do With The Kids

If you’re not big on the kids sitting in front of the television all day or playing electronics, there are other ways to entertain your kids. Plus, you can find interactive ways to have fun with the kids by the use of nursery rhymes. That’s right; get your kids together with a few of their friends and sing their favorite songs. In fact, this is a great activity for the babysitter with a group of kids 0-5 years of age. They’re invited to use this activity before nap time or after a snack.

How Can Humpty Dumpty Entertain Your Child

Not only is the Humpty song great for the Easter holidays, but it’s great all year to entertain the kids. The song can be used as role play with an egg. Teach your child many different skills while having an entertaining way for the family and smaller children to bond. If you’re not interested in the stickiness that comes with a real egg, use a plastic egg to enjoy a fun list of activities while singing the Humpty song. Use the following examples make singing the Humpty song with the kids lots of fun.

Fun Activities To Use With The Humpty Dumpty Song

Critical Thinking

If you’re using a real egg, help you children find out just how much Humpty can take. You can sing the song while experimenting to see, if Humpty will fall and break. Plus, you can find out how hard it is to put Humpty back together again. Furthermore, when you’re done experimenting you can teach children 4 to 5 years of age to fry an egg. You’re encouraged to use the song and have them follow along. They will enjoy this time used to bond with the family or the babysitter.

Create A Book

You can also create your own children’s book with your kids based on your own unique lyrics of the Humpty song. Encourage them to come up with theis own lyrics and slowly teach your child how to read. Take the time to teach your child a storyline that’s used by you and your family. As you use this song with them, encourahe your to memorize and read the lyrics that you’ve included in your children’s book about Humpty. This will encourage their literacy skills and help them identify with words.

Where Did Humpty Originate

The Humpty rhyme first originated in 1810 and was published for the first time. It came from the book Alice And The Looking Glass, but nobody knows who Humpty really is from his origins. However, in the Alice And The Looking Glass book he is an egg. This wonderful song teaches your child to learn from music to enhance their auditory skills, but also allows them to learn from what they see. The song lasts for about 5-20 minutes depending on the version that’s being used. Learn more about Humpty by visiting online today.