Kids Sing Humpty Dumpty

The showing up of This Nursery Rhyme

This particular Nursery Rhyme dates back to the year 1810. It may have started as a riddle before it was a nursery rhyme.
Seems that before Mother Goose claimed it , the Nursery Rhyme was there. However, no one knows who wrote it, or in just what year. It seems to be just one of those things that always was. There doesn’t seem to be any theories as to who was responsible for writing this. Sometimes people think that during the Siege of Colchester, which happened in 1648, during the Civil War in England.

Skills developed 0-5

Humpty Dumpty is a nursery rhyme that can teach our babies to toddlers a great deal. In the baby stage , it can be used to teach language skills. How to form words, how words sound. It can also teach them shapes. For instance, the egg, which is what he was supposed to be made from, this shape is oval. The wall he was sitting was rectangle. The Singing can be used to teach them different sounds. In the toddler phase. Making finger puppets to depict the nursery rhyme, can make them be able to feel what the puppet is made from. It makes it come alive for them and they can actually see what he might have looked like. Toddlers are people with these great imaginations. They can make cutouts and laminate them so that they can depict all the actions in the rhyme. The falling off the wall. The kings horses and men trying to repair him. The ideas the children come up with can be limitless.

What can be learned

Pre-schoolers and kindergarteners can actually learn a lot from the Nursery Rhyme. They learn how to sing this Nursery Rhyme. Music is great for learning. The Humpty Dumpty being an egg can make them aware of the shape — oval. Then the wall , is a rectangular shape.

Exploration of Feelings.

This rhyme can help children explore their feelings Maybe they may feel sad because of the falling. Maybe because nothing can be done to fix or replace him. They may like the fact that this rhyme can be put to music and it has been since 1954. Whatever their feelings , it can help them to explore many different feelings. These are great for teaching many aspects. Besides music the rhyme itself teaches children to be creative. The falling of the egg can be used to teach them that having something special , if it is broken cannot always be put back together no matter how many people are in your corner. Also it can teach them safety. Show the children that in order not to get hurt they need to learn to be careful not only for themselves but for their friends and everyone in their lives.