The Benefits of Storytelling

The Benefits of Storytelling

Storytelling has been around for ages. In the old days, fathers would gather their children at the table and read books. Then it shifted to reading stories at bedtime. At school, children sit down on mats and listen to teachers, while they read popular books that spark the imagination. Whatever the case may be, storytelling has its benefits.

What Do Children Learn

Reading stories to children can ignite their little minds about literacy. This is how they learn to read. If you read the story or fable in an interesting and interactive way, they will want to put their eyes on the paper for themselves. Nursery rhymes, including videos, are good examples of easy reading that children can get involved with. If they read Old MacDonald Had A Farm, they will want to make the noises of the animals. Playing with their toes at bath time to This Little Piggy and huffing and puffing to blow down a house while reading The Three Little Pigs, will get them excited about learning words. A child’s reading comprehension will go through the roof because of how fast they are able to pick the words to their favorite story.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This Little Piggy

The Three Little Pigs

Children Making Their Own Stories

There are times when children should be allowed to make up their own stories. This teaches them how to correctly think things through and formulate solutions to problems. Just think if little Suzy told a story about how one of her dolls came up missing, she could tell how she put together the steps of critical thinking to find it. Reading a good history book is also a wonderful idea. In it are events that children can use their imagination to recreate. This will teach them about how our country came to be and what our forefathers did. It would be interesting to see how they incorporate their own life story into history. With a little bit of creativity, understanding the importance of learning about the past to make the future better can become clearer. Video games, even kids Minecraft videos, are also a great way for kids to develop their imaginations and their own stories.

Playing Reading and Word Games

Games are very important to a developing young mind. Children, especially preschoolers love to play them continually. Crossword puzzles, word matches, and spelling contests all play a part in a child’s ability to read. The more words they learn, the higher their reading level. This is a chance to make things fun and interesting. You do not want a kid getting bored to death over mundane silent reading. It is better to engage them, so they can understand the meaning of words.

Explaining What Was Read

If you want your child to get their reading off the ground after telling the story, ask them questions about it. Reading comprehension is critical to development. Kids must be able to pick up what they just heard. This keeps their minds sharp, which is one of the benefits of learning. Telling stories is very important to a young child. If it’s done right, we can pave the way for a very bright future.