Books to Read to Children at Night

As a parent, a teacher or caregiver you are basically the one responsible for the well-being of a child. You teach them eveything there is to know, how to write,mhow to read, how to be independent, how to tie their shoes, how to feed themselves, and the list goes on. When it comes to teaching things to your children most of the time you have to come up with special routines and different ways that works for every child. For example most parents and teachers love the idea of using a book to engage wih children. Books have a way with children, it opens up their imagination by simply looking at the pictures. It lets them get fascinated with them and allows for this to become one of the best ways to get them to learn about pretty much anything.

Having a routine is something extremely importsnt to that a child, odds are that most children who do not have a routine don’t often thrive. A routine sets bounaries as well as a balance, and it lets everyone know what they have to do. For example when a baby is born that’s really what it’s all about, a baby wakes up and needs to eat or a diaper change and then sleep. Well that same exact thing goes as any child gets older, a kid needs to know when you’re going to eat, or when its play time, when its time to ¬†brush their teeth, or time to go to school and especially when it’s their bedtime. More often that not there is sn entire process for bedtime, usually it consists of a bubble bath, some warm milk and then it is usually read them a book or a bedtime story and goodnight.

For the last decade or so it seems that parents have been reading their children a book before they go to sleep. Why exactly.? We believe it is because first of all books snd stories have a way of opening that childs brain and second it relaxes them especially before bed. So what exactly are some great books to read your children at night.? Nowaday it seems like theren is a huge list of books especially of nursery rhyme books for parents and children to choose from. For me personally I still love the traditionsl nursery rhyme books like Itsy-Bitsy Spider story, or the Mother Goose book, even the Little Bo Peep book, Hickory Dickory Dock , snd the book of the Little Piggy.

Aa parent myself my child favorite book for me to read to him before he goes to sleep is definitely Hickory Dickory Dock. The complete title of the book is actually Hickory Dickory dock and other favorite nursery rhyme published by Tigertail in 2006 and illustrated by Sanja Rescek. The book itself was written for every little kid to be able to enjoy all their favorite characters together in one last story before bed.