Building Your Child’s Confidence with Songs

We all grew up listening to classic songs like Old McDonald and all those rhymes that we thought were just a blast growing up. As an adult and a parent you may be wondering how it is these songs can help to boost your little one’s confidence. The more they learn the more confidence they earn.


One of the biggest things that these kid songs do is to help with a child’s memorization skills. If you notice a lot of the children’s nursery rhymes and songs consist of repitetion. This helps to get them focused on remembering the words they are learning and singing. Paired with a good beat you can turn a simple list of the days of the week or months of the year into catchy kids songs for them to learn and remember. Repetition is something that works very well with developing a good memory in the long run.

Motor Skills

There are plenty of kids songs out there that involve dancing or hand clapping. This plays into the building of a child’s motor skills. Certain songs will sing children through dance steps or movements that help them to stay focused on the movement of their bodies. This also ties into hand and eye coordination as well. Learning to do the moves right will not only teach them motor skills but give them a nice boost in confidence because they will know how.

Following Directions

Children’s songs that normally have moves of any sort will often help them to learn to follow instructions. The songs themselves teach the child how to dance or move their hands and fingers, instructing them with tune and dance. This gives them the ability at a young age to learn how to follow instructions which prepares them for interactions involving such in school.

Supports Reading

Learning to sing along with a song, especially if subtitles are available, will help your child with reading. They will get a boost in understanding the alphabet, phonetics, and vocabulary. This will raise your child’s confidence because they will be able to understand and read along excitedly to music and rhymes. There are many songs out there designed specifically to help with this such as ABC songs and word songs.


Of course so many of the todays children’s songs are educational. They are designed to teach children how to count, read their ABC’s, what colors exist, and so on and so forth. A good example of this is the song 5 Little Ducks. In this song children learn how to count backwards from 5 learning each number that comes next.

Remember that ever child learns differently and at their own pace. Learning to master all of these will not only help to gice your child that educational boost but to give them a personal self-esteem and a great confidence in their own abilities.