Children Songs to Listen on the Bus

If you’ve ever been at school and on a field trip, or someplace else, chances are someone has taught you the wheels on the bus lyrics. These lyrics are repetitive, memorable and you probably have not forgotten them, ever. You have probably taught these lyrics to your kids as well.

The wheels on the bus lyrics incorporate common people and things that make sounds on the bus. One prime example of this is the mommies on the bus that shush the kids so they will behave on the bus. Another example is the bus driver that says, ‘Move on back.” These are all things you might find on a public bus. There are a few other things that make noises, but those are the people on the bus.

Repetition is the way all people learn. When we learn to talk, we might say the word several times before we learned to say it right and know what it means. As we learn to be mobile and learn to walk, we practice and repeat what works; we also learn what doesn’t work. We go to school to learn mathematics and learn basic facts, we repeat them until we know them by heart, like two plus two equals four. This way we don’t forget it. We remember it even when we are older and know more complex math.

Motions can also be repetitive. We use motions every day in our nonverbal communication. We smile when we’re happy and have a sad or angry face when we’re just not feeling it today. We also use running, hopping, skipping and walking as repetitive motions. These are things we have all learned how to do at some point in our lives. We use motions in singing, too. Having motions that go with lyrics can help us remember the words and give us something to do with our hands if we want. We also can do something fun, like make up a motion and have other kids follow it as they sing. This is a great way for kids to be able to get their energy out if they have to sit still for a time. This is an effective strategy since kids can’t sit still for very long, especially if they are very young (i.e. under five years old).
There are other songs kids sing on the bus that have motions to them too. If it is a field trip situation, it would have to be hand motions because it just isn’t safe to stand up during a bus ride. Songs are fun, and most everyone knows the lyrics to the bus song that we hopefully learned as a child. It is great to connect with people when you can sing a song that you both know to keep yourself and others entertained.