Doing Chores Helps Children Develop


When it comes to doing chores, a lot of children will find cleaning their room, doing the dishes, and helping out with the garden to be very time consuming and tiresome. This is also worth keeping in mind when it comes to younger kids, who would usually be more suited to learning how to match shapes and draw simple pictures. Usually, the earliest they would do chores is when they are putting their toys away, which is done both at home and at school whenever there are toys. It has been said that music would encourage children to be more active, and there is one nursery rhyme that involves chores to some extent like the ABC song; the name of the song, The Clean Up Song, or Cleanup Time, is a nursery rhyme that parents and children would usually listen to, normally in kids songs CDs and shows like Barney and Dora. The way the song goes helps kids get up together and clean up whatever they made the mess out.

Main Paragraph

The Clean Up Song, or Cleanup Time goes as follows: Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share. The song’s origins were unknown, as although the song is recognizable by many kids and preschool/daycare teachers that cheerfully come together to sing, the person that made the song and the location of the song are not recognized by anyone that studies songs. Then again, nursery rhymes are very simplistic that tracing them back would add nothing to history. What is true is that the song did help make new variations of nursery rhymes that sound different but have a similar meaning, such as The Clock on the Wall, Put Your Books on the Shelves, and Helping Hands. What this helps with learning skills for children ages 0-5 when they develop their interactivity with this rhyme is that it makes them improve their motor skills with the lyrics, their knowledge of phonics being increased, their rhyming skills can be more engaged in these kinds of games, and their logic in education is more likely to be expansive. The topics that the rhyme helps children explore include cooperation, cleanliness, and being involved with responsibilities. Parents and teachers can use the Clean Up song for their educational experiences by having the song be used regularly in a school activity, either as a means of transitioning to the next event in school or to teach kids why cleaning up is important while having it sound fun.


Overall, the Clean Up song has been used multiple times to teach kids how to follow their responsibilities by putting things away while also having kids sing along to help with their abilities to learn and help their motor skills improve so they can become more fluid with their own way of talking. Not only that but the fun to be had in other educational songs can be more exciting for kids after listening to this rhyme.