Clap Your Hands Benefits

Hands clapping Nursery rhymes benefit children world wide with their simple melodies and lyrics. Since they’re catchy, they are easy to learn and teach. Songs can inspire moods to change, if it’s a sad song then the child will feel sad. But since the song Clap Your Hands is a cheerful tune it allows the child to be merry.

Children are full of energy, and a combination of cheerful tunes, dancing and rhymes can lead to the child to learning new rhythms, sounds, words and phrases. If a child learns words in a song they will likely pick up on language sound patterns which will help them learn to read later in life. Since this song has a bit of dancing, it helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as give them confidence and joy. As another famous nursery song goes, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

A child brought up not learning nursery rhymes and not having fun with the songs can lead to a dull or miserable growing stage, which could lead to negative choices. These negative choices could be for an example finding singing and dancing weird or unusual, not feeling confident, and perhaps staying isolated from kids who are cheerful and having fun.

Helping prepare children to learn to read is not one of the only benefits these nursery rhymes. Children have an active imagination and are always playing games like house. Compared to the child that didn’t grow up knowing nursery rhymes as above, if a child grows up knowing this song and other songs plus playing with their imagination they grow up to a life of expressing their imagination. What “expressing their imagination” means it could lead to school plays, feeling confident in singing and acting in front of others. So singing nursery rhymes to your child has long term positive results leading into their lives.

So don’t hold back on your child’s education, they start by listening to what parents do and say. By what has been mentioned here, its obvious that making learning fun increases positive chances and risks for your child to be well educated. These nursery rhyme benefits, as mentioned earlier, are confident in one’s self, reading, getting involved in the musical arts (such as singing, dancing, acting), and knowing that it’s good to feel happy, to laugh and have fun. A life without happiness is pretty dull.