Dancing Along with Songs

“Dancing Along with Songs”, are rhymes that are well crafted to suit the learning needs of 0-5 years old kids.Kids songs play a huge role in as far as their growth and development is concerned. Young kids have a short concentration span thus teachers or their parents have to find ways to stimulate this learning process in them. It is for this reason plus the many others explained in depth below that this article explores how the “Dancing Along with Songs”,are very useful to kids.

To begin with, the, “Dancing Along with Songs”rhymes have got no theories that back up their formation. Although the most common theories on why kid’s rhymes were developed tends to be the neurological theories relating to how songs contribute to the learning process of kids. First and foremost,songs helps them to understand the dynamics of a language through the repetitive rhyming words or phonic rhymes.Repetition creates knowledge thus by kids learning these rhymes, it is one way to encourage them to grasp a language through the phonological awareness created via them.

Next,several neurological studies show that kids have a short concentration span and because their teachers may want them to do a variety of activities at kindergarten, then incorporating rhymes like “Dancing Along with Songs”, is a great way to encourage the 0-5 age group to stay active. By letting them dance or sing, this sparks their interest in learning and it helps in brain development as well.

Moreover,kids songs helps children of ages 0-5 to understand a wide range of feelings expressed as well as social values like obedience. ” Dancing Along with Songs’,direct them to dance. Children listening to this rhymes and follow it are in a way taught to follow instructions by the singer, something they still can apply in their daily lives .Through these rhymes, kids also discover themselves .This in turn helps them to express themselves with confidence during the day to day communication.Through the content heard, kids are also exposed to lots of information thus they will be well prepared to face reading they would have when they join kindergarten.

In addition,Dancing helps in movement a very vital motor skill. Rhymes are a great way to help such kids to remember content.Babies can as well learn how to blend syllables to form words via the”Dancing Along with Songs’. Studies show that kids who love listening to music have also an easier time learning how to express themselves via music. Thus just taking time each time to sing to kids of ages 0-5 has a great impact on their future lives.

To conclude,fetus jerks in its mother’s womb each time it heart some noise, and so songs can be entertaining to kids of ages 0-5 by keeping them active. Parents and teachers are therefore encouraged to use the above mentioned rhymes to let their lil ones explore the learning process via its rhymes. There is nothing beautiful than making kids to learn in an interesting way!.