Educational Information For The Humpty Dumpty Rhyme and Children

The rhyme Humpty Dumpty has been heard by almost everyone, therefore it makes a great rhyme to pass down through the generations. However, what is the details behind the rhyme? How does this particular rhyme touch so many people, much fewer children? Does it help kids grow, or is it just a catchy and well-written rhyme that is easy to remember? To top that off how can it help children through education? There are so many questions behind this rhyme; therefore, we have answered a few of these questions below to clear the air on this rhyme that will last a lifetime.

There are many theories in regards to where and how the beginning of this rhyme originated, and many of them can be dismissed. Nevertheless, some of them stick. For example, there are reports showing that the legend of the character was established in 1648 when the metropolitan area of Colchester was under a barricade of the Parliament’s defense forces in the Civil War of England. This particular theory described the character as a gun, and the guns were drawn down after eleven weeks of the war. Another theory describes the main character of this rhyme as a cannon, while another states that the character in the 17th century as someone who has too much to drink. A few additional theories can be found with in-depth details on TIFI, LPKM, and Knowledgenuts.

While a lot of these theories could or could not be correct, the best one that most remember is the character from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. This character was an egg that sat on a high wall, and because he was clumsy he fell down and his shell cracked. Therefore portraying a positive sense to the rhyme instead of the backdated information being negative. It gives a story to those that listen, and it is simple to remember for young ears.

Skills That Children Ages 0-5 Obtain
Since the rhyme has a good story written in a riddle formation, it can be recognized and remembered by younger ages. The ages of children from newborn to five have the clarity of listening to the story as a parent sings or reads it. Because of this amazing ability, children are allowed to obtain skills from this rhyme. Skills might include knowledge about facing fears, not being clumsy, and paying attention.

How Can It Benefit Children Ages 0-5
Since children will start learning, the skill mentioned above, they also will obtain the logic in rhyming and growing in vocabulary. If this rhyme is introduced at a younger age, it can allow parents and teachers to dive farther into it, as they get older, allowing the children to develop singing ability’s and starting their English proficiency earlier giving them a boost in the study. It will also help children to learn how to express themselves through a variety of writing as they grow to have fun with the rhyme and they will forever remember it because of their interaction. To top that off it will allow children to explore topics such as History, English, and Creative Writing, that they could master later in life, all because of this rhyme.

Educational Experiences
Teacher and parents can introduce this character and rhyme into younger children to increase interest with education. It can be a fun experience getting to sing along with the rhyme, learn the different problems that the character has to face. It will get the kids to laugh and have fun, making them enjoy a part of education that should be a focus on the beginning of studies of education. As we get an older education can become stressful, but instilling this type of rhyme and focus on fun with education, the learning curve of many will be altered to be beneficial.

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, using the well-known rhyme Humpty Dumpty is a great part of the education that every child should experience. It could be because of this type of rhyme that will get children to become interested in and focused on their studies and wanting to understand and learn more. It will be a great first step to introduce education and will be a forever memory that they will remember. To top that off, education should be interesting, because knowledge is one of the best ways to make future generations have a fighting chance to succeed.