Expressing Your Emotions

Nursery Rhymes are one of the many ways you can sing along with your child and move around at the same time. These nursery rhymes are good for preschool age children for so many developmental reasons. They help with speech and confidence and they also help with memorization. It also helps your little one understand ways to express their emotions. Since this is a happy song and the child will more than likely be happy when singing this, they can associate clapping their hands with being happy. A lot of nursery rhymes help children discover all ranges of emotion but mostly they are fun and funny. Your child will enjoy interacting with you and learning at the same time. There are several ways nursery rhymes help your child grow, learn and develop.

Another reason to engage your child in this nursery rhyme is that it tells a story. It is a short story your child can sing along too while learning their body parts! What little kid does not like to clap their hands! Imagine your son or daughter laughing and clapping along to the sound of this tune while they memorize the words and happily sing along. Can you see the joy on their face as they clap and enjoy making a beat?

Nursey rhymes are a great way for you to interact with your child in this world we live in today that is full of electronic devices. Instead of putting your child in front of a television, pout them in front of a nursery rhyme. Nursery rhymes help your child learn and clap your hands is one of the best rhymes to interact with your child. Nursery stories or rhymes are a creative and fun teaching tool that enables you to play with your child.
Learning nursery rhymes at an early age can help your child learn to read. If they already have a favorite nursery rhyme like clap your hands memorized, then when they actually see the words they will recognize the sounds better. It will also help them with their speaking. If your child is still learning how to talk or maybe they stutter learning a nursery rhyme can help a lot. They provide children with an opportunity to hear words that sound alike and then they can understand the sounds of the alphabet more clearly.

It can also help a child that is shy. If you sing an interactive song that makes the child include themselves, they will make friends. If they are in a classroom setting they will enjoy laughing and singing the song along with their friends and they all clapping their hands. Bottom line singing this nursery rhyme will be educational for your child and fun at the same time.