Finger Family Hand Motions

Finger Family Hand Motions

The Finger Family song allows you to work on motor skills, and you may use hand motions in class to ensure that you may teach your children many concepts. They love nursery rhymes because they are quite soothing, and you will find that they may do everything from dance to singing in your class. If you have spent time teaching your class about basics of the fine skills they need with their hands, you may use this song to help them improve. Your children will be quite excited by this song, and they will watch the video because they want to see something that is exciting to them.

#1: The Song Has Motions For Your Hands

You may watch the video for this song, and you will notice that the children may have seen this video already. They will sing along, and they will show you whatever it is that they do when the song comes on. If the kids have something that they prefer to do when the song comes on, they will show you what they like to do, and they will ask you to show them what you would do. This is the perfect time for you to share the signals you want to use, and you may try different ones in every lesson depending on what you want to work on.

#2: Watching The Video Online

Watching the video online is quite a lot of fun for your kids, and they will be excited by the song because they want to do something so exciting in your class. The kids will ask you about watching the video every day, and you may ask them to sing along when it comes on. You may go so far as to have the song playing when the kids get to class, and you may play it again when they are leaving class. Each person who is planning to use this song in class must ensure that they know the video version because the kids are quite aware of it.

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#3: Moving Their Hands

This is the first thing that people must try when they are working on certain parts of their class, and you may use the song in every other lesson if you like. The kids will want to come back to this song because they like it, and it is easier to convince them to go along with your lessons when you have given them an idea of what you need to do. You may teach the kids many varying things with this song, and they will be excited about it because they see the video come on.

#4: Be Creative

You may creative with this song at any time, and it will help you ensure that you have taken the proper steps to ensure that you will have the kids learning what you need. These skills that they need for their hands will help them late rin life, or you may use the song for therapy purposes.