Finger Family Versions

Finger puppets

There are hundreds of versions of the Finger Family song, and you have a lot of kids who will get engrossed in one of these versions. The family can get immersed in these nursery rhymes, and you can teach the kids songs that will make their lives more fun. You can teach your children the variations of the song that you like, or they might start making up their own. You will be so much happier with the way that this works out because you allow the kids to be creative and make up some nice things for the kids.


The Finger Family has an ice cream song, and there is a monster song that you can sing with the children online. There is a princess song, and there are songs with lollipops, cake pops, and other candies your kids will love. The list goes on and on for this popular song!

The Finger Family is Easy to Learn

The people in the rhyme are easy to learn when you are making choices, and you should start looking over the things that you could let them sing. You can start with the daddy finger, and you will be able to add anyone you want. It might be much easier for you to have fun with the rhyme because you might be able to get them used to it in a way that will make it more fun to participate in.

The Participation in the Song

The kids that you are playing with will want to sing along as much as possible, and there are some people who are going to want to start to play around with the lyrics. The lyrics that are put into the song can be changed over and over to give you a better look at what kids should learn. Let your kids tell you if they want to learn about animals, colors and numbers. You can get your kids to count a long way in this song, and you can get them to go through the whole alphabet. The alphabet has its own song, but you could make the kids laugh when they are singing along.

How Long Can You Sing?

You can sing this song forever as long as you have some lyrics to match up with how far you want to go. You have to remember that you have a way to teach these kids to go on and sing by themselves, and you can put them in front of the class to teach everyone something that makes the most sense to them. That means that you can get the kids to give you something that will be great for them, and they will feel like little songwriters that you will be very proud of.

Sing in the Car

You can sing in the car, and you will get your kids to learn this song and start playing around with it while you are in the car. The car is a fun place to sing, and you will hear every version that your kids have heard.