Fun at the Amusement Park with Nursery Rhyme

Active Learning While at an Amusement Park
Amusement parks are fun for nearly everyone. Families especially can enjoy getting out to an amusement park for the day. One of the things you can do while at an amusement park with your kids is to recite some nursery rhymes that go along with the rides that they are on. Most rides for small children can easily have a nursery rhyme assigned to them while your kid takes a ride on them. Any rides that incorporate wheels can be fun to ride on while your kids recite the “wheels on the bus”. Any rides where there is a drop or a bounce to the ride, your kids can easily recite: “London Bridge is Falling Down”.

The London Bridge Lyrics and History
The London Bridge rhyme is a long-beloved rhyme and appears in nearly every collection of nursery rhymes or children’s songs. London Bridge is Falling Down is believed to have been started in the late middle ages as a rhyme recited by children while they played arch games. The rhyme might be a reference toward the difficulty it took to construct bridges in London across the wide River Thames. The London Bridge is Falling Down is still a popular rhyme for children to recite while playing a game. The tune of the nursery rhyme is believed to have been officially recorded in 1744. The repetitive nature of the rhyme’s lyrics is easy for children to memorize and helps them to start developing their memorization skills. It also teaches situational occurrences. The rhyme teaches children what falling down means.

Applying Rhyming Fun at the Amusement Park
The rhyme London Bridge is Falling down can be a fun one for your kids to recite on any number of amusement park rides. You could tell your kids once you get to the amusement park that they should recite the London Bridge rhyme on every ride that they go on that has a falling element to it. This will help keep them actively learning while having fun at the amusement park. It also means they have to be able to identify certain elements of each ride. This will encourage them to observe more than they normally would. You can tell your kids to say the Wheels on the Bus rhyme on wheel rides and perhaps some other nursery rhymes too. This is activity is an engaging activity for you and your child or children too, because it means that you will have to teach the rhyme to them before you go to the amusement park. You and your kids can look forward to your upcoming trip to the amusement park by actively reciting nursery rhymes together that will apply to different rides that your kid will ride on. Your kid will have an easier time learning too by connecting the rhymes to the fun experiences for them going on various amusement park rides.