Fun Songs for Babies

There are many songs that can be sang or played that are very fun for babies. These songs really help teach them various skills and it’s upbeat and fun. One of those songs is peek a boo. Most of us have heard this song, but aren’t really sure where it came from. We’re going to look at that now.

All About the Rhyme

While it isn’t completely known why, where, and when this nursery rhyme was created, we know that it has been around since at least the 1800s. The reason we know this is because there are paintings that show children playing peek a boo. Even though it isn’t known exactly why the game was created, there is a popular theory. Many people think that it was created as a way to keep babies occupied when they were trying to get stuff done. Another theory is that it was used as a way to get the babies to stop crying.

Learned Skills from this Rhyme

The biggest thing that this nursery rhyme teaches children is object permanence. This is when you realize that objects are still there even if you can’t see them. Babies aren’t born with this so, over time, peek a boo helps them learn this and they’ll eventually realize that you’re still there even when your hands are over your face. It also helps your children’s muscles get stronger. Not only do they reach with their arms, but they also tend to do a sit up type of movement to try and find you. The more they do these, the stronger they get.

What Topics are Explored?

When you look at peek a boo lyrics, you’ll see that they are very simple and repeated. With this being the case, there isn’t any deep meanings or anything like that discussed in this song. For the most part, it just explores hiding the baby from your view, then finding them again. Babies absolutely love this because they see it as a little game. They are learning things while still having fun!

How Can Teachers and Parents Use this Song

If parents and teachers want to use this nursery rhyme to help babies learn, they have a few things they can do. The first thing is to have a little singing time every day. It will end up becoming a routine and your baby will expect it. If you don’t really want to do a singing time every day. you could just incorporate it into the games you already play with your baby every day. The most important thing is to make it a routine. This way you’ll be teaching them the things in the song, as well as teaching them to learn and get used to routines.

Now that you know where Peek-A-Book came from and how it helps babies, you can be even more confident when showing it to your little one! They’ll be able to learn while having a great time.