How To Sing Five Little Monkeys

How to Sing Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys is a song that people will enjoy singing, and it is one that you may introduce to the students in your classes at any time. The song is a how to video on safety, and it is a wonderful thing to use for counting in your class. You will discover that your children love singing these songs, and you will notice that they quite enjoy singing with you because they often know the lyrics before they get to your class. You may unlock their imagination with this song, and you will find that the videos make it easy for you to each kids the song and dance.

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#1: The Words Alone

The words alone are easy to use with your kids because they will find that they may count as you sing. The count that you keep for the song helps the kids keep track of certain things that were happening in the song, and you may ask them how many monkeys are left on the bed as the song progresses. Each kid who is listening to the song has a better chance of learning basic math, and you may ask them questions as you go through the song itself.

#2: Safety

You may teach safety and learning the rules to your kids through this song, and you will find that it is quite helpful to you because it allows you to sing with the kids and show them that the monkeys are falling off the bed. They will be mesmerized by the song because they want to jump like that, but you will find that they no longer want to do that after you have explained to them that this is not the best thing that they could do.

#3: Dancing

You may dance with your kids to this song because it is pretty likely that the monkeys were dancing on the bed when they fell off. Because of this, they will wish to dance their hearts out, and you may all them to do this as part of a much larger activity. You may ensure that the kids are using the dancing as part of their physical activity, and they will sing as they dance. You may ask them to fall down when the monkeys fall, and you may show them how simple it is to act out a song such as this.

#4: Writing The Words

You may use the song as a way to get your kids to write, and they may write the words as they sing the song. They will have quite a lot of fun ensuring that they have made choices that will help them write the language. They will see the words in print if they are watching it, and you may ask them to write out more words to the song if you believe that is necessary. You may do this without any trouble at all, and you will notice that you may use the song in every lesson you like.