Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Versions


The Johnny Johnny Yes Papa song has a number of different versions, and you will find out that the song is the best one to use when you want to teach kids about family life. You can get these variations in the heads of all the kids in your class, or you can teach it to your kids if they are in preschool. It is a really good lesson for your children, and you will find out that they can learn what to do and what not to do during the day as they listen to this little song.

The Design Of The Song

The song is more like a story because it tells you how the boy in the song is doing bad things and how his dad tells him not to. You can teach your kids about listening to their parents, and you can teach your kids to alter the song when you want them to get used to the other versions that are out there. You might not even have a son, and now you can teach your daughter the same things that your boy would have learned in the song.

The Changing Lyrics

The changing lyrics in the song are really interesting because you can ask your kids to tell you what they would say in the song. Like so many others have already some, you can change the lyrics and story yourself if that is what you want, and you will find out how much easier it is for you to teach kids to play around with their own lyrics. This means that your kids could come to you with the words and a story that they made up.

How Do You Sing It?

This is a really simple song to sing, and it is much easier for you to have a nice time singing it because your kids can learn these things fast. The kids will get very acclimated to the way they should sing it, and you can sing it with them any time you want. They will only need to hear one or two notes of the song because they are singing along, and they will get really excited to sing the whole thing. They will start veering off into other lyrics that you have not heard before, and it will be really funny for you to listen to. This is just one way that you can have a good time listening to the kids sing and teach them something new.

You want to make sure that your kids know that Johnny did not always do his best to help his parents around the house. This is why you want them to hear the song and learn what is possible when they are singing and dancing and laughing every day. Let them make up their own words, and enjoy listening to them create their own songs around this one.