Learning the Alphabet Through Songs

The ABC Song
Learning the alphabet is rooted in memorization of sounds and letters. One of the best methods to learn or to teach the alphabet is to use the alphabet song. The ABC song can help children and those new to the English language to start learning the basics of the language. For children the alphabet song also helps them develop other skills.

Alphabet Song Origin, Lyrics, and Tune
The alphabet song was officially copyrighted in 1835. The copyright was taken care of in America by the Boston music publisher Charles Bradlee. The music for the song is attributed to Mozart’s piano piece Ah Vous dirai je, maman. The A Vous dirai je, maman is the same tune that’s used for the songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep. This makes the tune familiar to children.

The most typically or commonly used lyrics to the alphabet song is a run through of each letter in the entire alphabet. At the end of the song a questioned is stated calling for a listener to join along in singing along with the song next time. This statement encourages and welcomes children to join in to sing along with the alphabet song.

What Children Learn From the Alphabet Song?
There are various skills that children can develop from learning the alphabet song. The most important skill children learn from the song is the ability to memorize all of the letters within the alphabet when they sing the alphabet song. They additionally learn to recognize their letters if they recite the song and look at a book, screen, or poster that has the alphabet written out at the same time. It may also help to use alphabet flashcards to go through the alphabet song with children. Making an alphabet card game where children lay out the alphabet cards in the right order may also be a good approach for an activity for children when they recite the alphabet song.

The song helps children learn memorization in general. Memorization is important for children to learn a variety of new subject matter. Practicing and honing in their memorization skills with songs like the alphabet songs or other nursery songs is important for children to develop their memory skills.

Learning the alphabet song is important for every child because it helps them develop the building blocks to the English language. Understanding the alphabet of any language and how each letter is pronounced is a necessary part of beginning to grasp nearly any language.

The alphabet song may also assist in teaching children more about social interaction. Children who sing the song with a group of their peers or sing it back and forth with a teacher or parent is certainly a good way of learning more about social interaction and the first steps into having conversations and how to be involved in group activity.