London Bridge is Falling Down History

My Fair Lady?
My Fair Lady and London Bridge is Falling Down are very traditional English nursery rhymes. These are the same baby songs found in several different versions across the globe. The damaged bridge and the repair of it may date back as far as the middle ages. They can both be viewed as nursery rhymes and singing games. The idea behind the song is to present a realistic and fanciful solution for the depredations surrounding the London Bridge. Consider them quaint nursery rhymes for children. London Bridge is Falling Down and My Fair Lady are nursery rhymes for children and have never gone out of style. The baby songs are well-known to many and are fun to sing and dance to.

Holding Hands and Making an Arch
London Bridge is Falling Down is considered to be a very engaging nursery rhyme for children and adults too. It is often sung while two players hold hands and make an arch together. The arch is made with their arms and it allows the other players to pass through. This is a single file intended bridge. The arch,at some point, will be lowered. At the end of the song, one of the players will be caught and the bridge (arch) comes falling down. In the nineteenth century, a circle dance may have occurred after the dropping of the bridge. England was well-known for the circle dance while the United States may have engaged in a tug of war afterward.

The year 1898
This whimsical rhyme fostered fun and engaging moments back in the year 1898. Girls, especially, loved to play this singing game together. Nursery rhymes for children were enjoyed by the teen girls too. There are many additional verses that are associated with this baby song.